Best Motor Insurance

When it comes to buying motor insurance for our cars, it is said that fully comprehensive is the best because as well as paying for any damages or injuries caused to other people or their property, comprehensive insurance also pays for any damages or injuries you sustain. The other alternative is third party insurance which is the minimum insurance allowed to legally drive a vehicle on the roads. With third party insurance, only damages and costs sustained to others are paid for and you are left to pay for your own expenses. If you are in the motor trade business though, the number of different insurance policies you may choose rom are much higher and sometimes can be a bit of a dilemma knowing just which one you should have. There are insurance policies for valets, allowing them to park other people’s cars without the possibility of affecting their insurance. There are policies that cover car mechanics whilst they take cars out for a test drive and there are policies that allow car dealers to test cars they may buy or sell, by driving them. Obviously if you are in any aspect of the motor trade, in order to look professional you will want to have a top motor trader insurance policy but the trouble is which one. Due to there being so many different policies being offered by so many different insurance companies, many people in the auto trade opt to hire an insurance broker to guide them through the maze of policies, arriving at the correct one for them. Note I said insurance broker and not an insurance agent and that is because there is a difference. An insurance broker is regulated to ensure that they have their client’s best interests at heart when choosing a policy for them whilst an agent, works for an insurance company and so will look no further than their own company to find a policy and that policy may not be the best for the client, only the agent and the company. There are insurance brokers that specialize in finding policies for the motor trade and so obviously if you are looking for any kind of motor trade insurance, those are the types of brokers you should hire. They can easily be found on the internet by looking at reviews for different brokers. Once you have allowed a broker to find you the correct insurance coverage at the best possible price, you can confidently display the fact to potential customers so that they know that you take your business seriously and wish to have them pay no more than is absolutely necessary, certainly not having to pay extra insurance charges anyway. If a valet were to cause any damage whilst parking a car, it would be the valet’s insurance that would pay and not the insurance of the car owner. If a car owner’s insurance were to pay, regardless of who was driving the vehicle, the insurance payments would increase.